Story Development 

I am a multilingual and versatile producer and researcher with the ability to find and develop unique and relevant stories and contributors for any brief, anywhere in the world. I'm passionate about creating content for and with young audiences.  


LAdbible x Smirnoff

Sometimes it's difficult to chat to your mates about things such like sexuality, disability, race or gender. LADbible and Smirnoff want to get people talking about inclusivity and how it affects our everyday lives.

I developed storylines, treatments and storyboards for series of short documentary aiming to get the Ladbible audience talking about inclusivity.


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LAdbible x Instagram 

Created a series of stories for Instagram's own channel aimed at teenage boys in the UK. 

LAdbible x halifax

In a collaboration with Halifax, the Lad Bible produced a couple of videos celebrating everyday heroes that give a little extra to their communities. 

Keeping the Ladbible audience in mind as well as Halifax's intention to reward people who give extra to their communities, I researched and cast  a number of contributors and devised storylines for each video.

I also wrote a set of promotional articles going deeper into each contributor's story.  

Guided Walking Tour of Surviving the Blitz of WWII in Southwark (London) - Detour

Get a glimpse of what it was like to live in London during the Blitz of WWII.

Detour - London

I produced an interactive, podcast-style audio walk for San Francisco based detour detailing women's experience of WW2 in London Waterloo. 

After developing a treatment that would satisfy Detour's focus on personal stories as well as Airbnb's aim to make a local area more exciting and accessible, I wrote a script using interviews with historian Carol Harris, diaries from eye witnesses and historic audio while making sure to match the story beats to detour's GPS triggered app software.

The final audio piece showcases detour's immersive qualities by taking the listener on a journey to 1940s London, following into the footsteps of the women who ran this city during WWII. Letting visitors explore an area minutes from bustling Waterloo station yet hidden from sight, they are encouraged to discover their local area according to Airbnb's motto 'belong anywhwere'. 

NOWNESS - Untaggable: #city

Together with director collective Factory Fifteen I worked on developing storylines, featuring subcultures in cities around the world.

Keeping the directors style as well as the client's and NOWNESS's ethos in mind, I focused on stories that could communicate the essence of a city through visuals alone. 

Smirnoff - we're open 

For this commercial film, I was in charge of finding individuals and groups of young people in London who promote difference with inclusivity. 

Research Findings

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As part of a team of German, Dutch and UK researcher I secured the highest number of collaborators for Google's #Deutschland25 project, which showcased young German people, from football players, innovators to educators, and what the German unification means to them. The project is now part of the Google Cultural Institute.

Project Overview

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Glaxosmithkline - Young Mothers 

For an internal awareness campaign, I was tasked with finding and interviewing young mothers from different backgrounds in Germany about their experience with the varicella vaccine.  

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Picture research

Additionally to casting and story research I also worked as picture researcher and editor for four years. Using photoshop and working closely with press offices and image archives all across Europe I have experience sourcing and editing image to illustrate any story.